Scale your success with taylor,
Your Personal Wealth Office

We understand that you’ve made it, but you’re not resting. With us, you’ll have
 access to advanced financial products previously saved only for ultra-high net
worth investors. 

Taylor’s mission is to bridge the gap between traditional wealth
 management to the new era.

At taylor, we provide exclusive access to advanced financial tools previously reserved for only ultra-high-net-worth clients. We oversee your entire asset allocation and as experienced accountants and wealth managers we make sure you are covered from A to Z – from choosing the right investment managers all the way down to your profit line in your tax return. We are always on your side, providing investment diversification for those who need more than their bank’s traditional offering. 

Our services

Personalized Financial Management

Tailored strategies that align with your financial preference and lifestyle goals, factoring in your existing assets into a holistic financial view and investment strategy.

Portfolio Manager Recommendations

We seek to guide you through a selection of exceptional portfolio managers-each a master in his investment domain.

Supervision and Monitoring

We ensure the execution of your investment strategy, regularly monitoring the performance of your asset portfolio and suggest strategic tilts according to market trends.  

Dynamic Asset Allocation

to match your risk-reward appetite across various investment classes such as Fixed income, Equities, Structured Products, Hedge Funds, Private Equities, Real Estate, and others.

Innovative Wealth Management Tools

Our proprietary investment tools will enable you to manage your wealth effectively and to join bespoke feeder funds and co-investment opportunities reserved for Taylor clients

Tax and Legal Advice

We can serve as close contact with tax consultants for optimal tax planning and legal advice.

we are here to simplify things,
 so you can keep doing your thing

Our offering

Our offering is to tailor wealth management to your unique needs and simplify the complexities of the financial world. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your wealth works for you, not the other way around. 

As a team of dynamic professionals, we deliver a standout investment strategy,
 paired with a down-to-earth attitude, and unwavering,  reliable service. We’re here
to build a partnership that transcends typical client relationships, enabling you to
 thrive and shape the future you envision. We speak your language, making wealth
 management simple and accessible 24/7.

Dan Gaziv, Co-founder and CEO

seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in wealth management and senior financial positions. He founded a single-family office and serves as the chief investment officer of a number of high-net-worth families.
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Tomy Kovalis, Co-founder and Chairman

entrepreneur who specializes in the worlds of finance and Fintech. After a 12 year career as an investment manager, Tomy founded Advice-FP in 2013 ( a pension and financial services company with a focus on high-tech companies.
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