We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your wealth works for you, 
not the other way around.


Taylor is a modern wealth management company designed for the new generation of wealth. We provide a first-of-its-kind model of personal wealth management, offering dynamic, personalized financial planning and holistic asset allocation using advanced financial tools previously exclusive to the ultra-high-net-worth clients.

No, we don’t directly manage your portfolio. Instead, we guide you in selecting top-tier portfolio and fund managers who specialize in various areas. Our role is to work alongside these experts, overseeing their performance and ensuring the implementation of your asset allocation strategy. Additionally, upon request, we can collaborate with other professionals, such as tax and legal advisors or pension consultants, to ensure comprehensive financial advice.

At Taylor, we provide exclusive access to advanced financial tools previously reserved for only ultra-high-net-worth clients. We offer premium value propositions and diverse investment options, going beyond the offerings of traditional banks.

Our wealth management includes a comprehensive review of your portfolio of financial and real assets, close supervision and monitoring of portfolio managers, guidance on constructing your investment portfolio, regular consolidation reports, and much more.

Our services are tailored to individuals who have achieved substantial wealth through their efforts in high-tech industries and senior management positions within companies. We cater to those who seek an innovative, dynamic, and personalized approach to wealth management, rather than relying on conventional financial institutions.

We employ a structured, research-based methodology to deliver personalized financial guidance that aligns with your specific needs. We ensure optimal and adaptable asset allocation based on market trends, your risk tolerance, and investment horizon.

Certainly, we offer both local and global capital management services. Through partnerships with international banks and investment firms, we can provide our clients with reduced commission rates for international investments.